Badgerplex Trilogy Preamp

Successor to the Badgerplex Vintage with four additional tonal variations.

NOS TIS58 JFET transistor

Orange Drop® capacitors

Carbon composition resistors for preamp

Switchcraft 1/4" jacks

CNC cut case graphics and circuit board

Generates a 22V supply using only a 9V DC input

Three distinctive settings available via an external rotary switch.

Early - Brighter low amplification preamp with accentuated treble.

Late - Darker low amplification preamp with flatter response.

Boost - High amplification with JFET set near maximum available gain.

Bright versions of "Late" and "Boost" accessible with internal jumpers.

Early setting duplicates the original Badgerplex Vintage.

To prevent switch noise, bypassing the effect is recommended when changing between settings.

A red cautionary indicator illuminates when boost mode is selected to warn of the setting's ample output level.

There is a simple discrete JFET buffer included to lower the output impedance of the preamp circuit if desired. It can be activated using an internal slide switch.

The master stomp and output buffer switch are both wired for true bypass operation.

9 Volt negative center DC with a 5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel plug required. No internal battery.

To avoid incurring an escalated price on all customers an AC adapter is normally excluded. Each unit will only ship with a negative center DC output 120V AC adapter upon request.

Hammond powder coated cast aluminum case measures 1.25" H x 2.39" W x 4.41" L
(lid included in measurement)